Priest Ioan Istrati

I am sad to see the attempts of some lukewarm priests to sweeten, to beautify and paint the dead who smells awfully.

This plague did not come out of God`s mercy, it is the infinite suffering of the Most Pure One, Who cries and leaves us in our outrageous sins, of people who killed God.

That is why we can`t stay one next to the other and we can`t embrace each other. Because we are to filled of the viruses of hate and malice.

The virus is only a material metaphor of the hell we built in our minds and which invades the world.

The plague is God`s tearful retreat out of a rapacious humanity which kills its babies – the flowers of eden – in the womb of their mothers, which builds the hell on earth by enormities of the killing pleasure.

The plague must kneel us down to cry to our Father we expelled from our hearts and minds, we cast out from our world, which without Him falls into death.

The plague must make us cry bitterly for our sins, to become kinder, at least before our death, to feel the huge pain of the poor, of the suffering, of the abused, of those destroyed by our huge callousness which sizes goods and souls.

If we don`t return on our knees to our Father, He loves us so endlessly that He will pass by us crying and we won`t ever see Him.

`Before returning under earth, allow us God to return to you.`