A man had many children but he was very upset because his offsprings quarreled behaving maliciously. And they went on doing this repeatedly, meaning there was always dissension between them. They caused such a great pain to their father who wanted to see them living peacefully and in harmony.

Do you want to tell you who are these brothers so cruel with the others? We are, the people. Aren`t we all the children the sons of the same Father, of the same God? Do we have good understanding among us? Do we love our neighbor as we should do? Doesn`t God feel pain when He sees that there is so much dissension between people, so many lies, thefts, wars, sins of all kinds? Why did God create us? He made us to love each other to take care of one another. And God rejoice for all the good Christians, for every man who lives a life without sin, in love and understanding with his fellowmen, God rejoices as a father rejoices for His children.

Loving one another, seeking the goodness of the others more than our own we become better and wiser. Only in this way we get closer to God , to His Love and Kindness in each moment.

`Love one another as I have loved you!` (The Holy Gospel)

Excerpt from the book The Most Beautiful Orthodox Parables and Stories  – Leon Magdan, Aramis Publishing House – Romanian Patriarchy, 1998.