The straightening of the blasphemer

A man who was a mime and was named Gaianos blasphemed the Most Holy Theotokos in the theatre without shame. For this reason she showed up to him and said: `What wrong did I do to you, man, that you offend me in front of so many people?` But that one did not improve his behavior at all and went on blaspheming her even more. Then the Most Holy Theotokos appeared again and said to him: `Please do not harm your soul because of me.`

But that man went on blaspheming her as before. Then she showed up for the third time and rebuked him: `Man, how did I wrong you that you don’t stop blaspheming and insulting me?` `Belive me that if you don’t come to your senses you will receive what you deserve for your foolishness.`

And since that one didn’t improve his behaviour and spoke even worse one day about noon Theotokos appeared again when he was lying down and without saying anything she marked with her fingers his legs and hands. And when he woke he found himself with the hands and legs cut and lying like a log. He related these to everyone and confessed he had received this for his blasphemies.

You see how are punished those who blaspheme the most pure Theotokos . And if they don’t receive here and now the punishment they deserve because patience is long enduring, in the age to come they will have no escape.

Source: Pious Teognost, The Thesaurus, Doxologia Publishing, Iasi, 2015

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