We are extremely focused on ourselves

Priest Visarion Alexa

Every man, every family builds around a trustful space of comfort and lives in a certain way in this pink bubble, not noticing anything else which happens outside this.

But sometimes it occurs a tragedy, a human abnormality which shows us that the world is not as pink as we thought it.

The man remain the wildest beast of all Dar se petrece, din când în când, câte un eveniment tragic, o anomalie umană, care ne arată că lumea nu este atât de roz pe cât credem noi.

With the lion you manage it, with the bear is the same, but with the man is absolutely impredictable and he hits you when you least expect it and in the cruelest way possible.

Something terrible happens with the man.

I think of Christ…how He brought in the world Love as sacrifice.

At Christ normal was the self sacrifice while for the man of nowadays is to sacrifice his brother, to torment him.

Christ changes this paradigm.

He says that whoever wants to do a good to humanity can`t do that sacrificing his brother, only sacrificing himself.

For many thousands years before His arrival, there had been this concept that you could reconcile yourself with God sacrificing the others.

They sacrificed animals, things and then people.

Even today there are people who are ready to give their life for their fellow men

We see doctors who for the sake of people and of the job they have chosen don`t watch their watch, they stay after the working hours to ensure his patients are all right, making this effort sometimes with the price of their own health and life, out of sacrifice and devotion for the others.

Everyone of us has around people who understand the extreme mission we are called by Christ.

Don`t be afraid that you do too much, that you give yourself too much, that you engage too much zeal and passion in what you do. There is no too much when you serve people.

Unfortunately there is the reverse, the tired man disgusted by his work from the very first hours.

Who doesn`t meet the bored and grumpy lady from the counter? My dears, it is not needed much effort, only a smile and a kind word for the person who is before you.

How not to have a little bit of conscience and understand that your job means first of all responsibility towards other people, that you didn`t sign a contract only with your employer but also with God in person?

How can you be Christ`s disciple if you love yourself more than anyone else ?

We are suffering, sad, haunted by terrible depressions and anxieties. Do you know why? Because of too much selfishness.

We are too focused on ourselves, on our own problems and needs or even on our fancies.

We love ourselves in excess. We are so careful with ourselves, we treasure ourselves so much that we would be ready to trample anyone else.

Many times we confess the daily sins (I forgot to fast, to say my prayers) but we don`t confess what is truly important: I loved myself more than I love the others. I don`t love or respect my job. I don`t think the job I do has in its care souls.

Human monstrosity stays in the duplicitous life we live.

We are always focused on ourselves no matter if we go or not to the church. And if you light a candle and give a supplication, if these things are formal, they have no value.

You do these things out of a compassion you have for yourself. `God, help me. Give me…do this for me…help me so that my pink bubble becomes pinkier.`

We want to live in a beautiful country where criminality to be at minimum level and may God help us succeed. But did you hear for what the Church prays at the Liturgy? For the peace of the world. Of the whole world!

Is it a small thing to comprise in your heart the whole world? Is it a small thing to get out of your pink bubble and enlarge your heart so that the world may enter inside it? Do you know how much pain is in the world?

We commune with Christ`s Flesh and Blood so that He may be One with us and change our inner soul. Suffocate people in only one way, loving them.

Love is never too much. Here is the only place where you can make excess. Dear [people, what would have happened to this world if Christ hadn`t incarnated Himself and if He hadn`t brought on earth the law of love?

Some voices say there are too many churches in Romania but I do wonder where we would have been if they hadn`t been here.

Probably we would have hit our heads at every step probably we would have become a nation of robbers.

If we don`t begin a real fight with our own ego, with our mischiefs, we won`t get too far. Leave aside jealousy and envy, leave aside these trifles coming out from a selfish heart and try to imitate Him.

If you enter the church understand that here we are a single body. The Church is not perfect, heaven is not in the Church only the gate to it.

Here we are still working still trying to be One, to fight with ourselves, to dry the spring of malice in our hearts.

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