The Holy Mother of God Is the Fourth Holy Face in Heaven

Archimandrite Cleopa

God receives the man for repentance until his last breath, if he returns from all his heart and honors the Holy Mother of God. Have great devotion towards her as blessed is the house and the family which has inside their home the Icon of the Holy Mother of God. Read daily her Paraklesis and Akathist.

If there weren`t the Holy Mother of God, this world would have been lost in these two thousands years. She always stays on her knees and prays to the Holy Trinity. She is the fourth holy face in heaven.

Do you know who is the Holy Mother of God ? The empress of cherubims, Empress of all creatures, the chamber of God`s Incarnation, the door of light, the door of life, the closed door through which nobody else entered except for our Lord, Jesus Christ. She is the ladder to heaven, divine censer, church of the Most Holy Spirit.

The Holy Mother of God is the fragrance of the Father, the Mother of the Word and the Church of the divine Spirit. How much mercy she will have for those who honored and praised her! And how much wrath will come over those who didn`t believe in her holiness!

At the icon of the Holy Mother of God with the Holy Infant you see the heaven and skies. The Lord is the skies, He is above the skies and the Holy Mother of God is the earth. She is from our folk. The arms of the Holy Mother of God are more powerful than the shoulders of the cherubims and seraphims. She holds the One Who made the skies and the earth and everything visible and invisible. She is our mother, who has mercy for the poor and widows. She prays without cease to the Saviour for the absolution of our sins.

From all the saints you must honor, honor her the most! Do you hear how the church praises the Holy Mother of God? Throne of cherubims, Virgin. Did you hear the troparion of Saint Basil the Great? Did you hear that `your womb more delightfully than heavens worked!` The Holy Mother of God is the treasure of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Mother of God, God descended to us and our nature was elevated to the right side of greatness in the heights, to the right of God the Father. The nature which clads Christ today, meaning the human nature without sin He took from the most pure bleeding of the Holy Mother of God. She is the ladder of Jacob on which the angels of God  descended and ascended and which was seen by Jacob in his sleep while journeying to Laban the Syrian. The Lord descended on this ladder to us through His Incarnation. He Incarnated Himself from the most holy bleeding of the Holy Virgin and elevated our nature until the right side of the heights from where it was fallen Adam`s nature in the depths of hell with all the patriarchs and prophets.

Have great devotion my brothers to the Holy Virgin Mary. Blessed is that family which has in their house an icon of the Holy Mother of God and every morning they read her Akathist and her honored Paraklesis and all of them know prayers to the Holy Mother of God.


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