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About raising children

The prayer is a sign of faith in God. When the faith in God is complete there is no need to pray for something because God takes care of everything. Then you have to wait patiently until the fruit is ripe and falls from the tree. For this reason parents entrust your children to God […]

The Decalogue of the Orthodox husbands

Do not be like a teacher lecturing your husband. The best way to teach him is to love him as you love yourself to respect him and live fully the Orthodox faith. Marriage is a continous beautiful adventure helping us to discover our true self, the inner world of our husband and to know God […]

The Christian of nowadays

Monk Moses The Athonite Nowadays the man seems to have forgotten and he doesn’t see anymore the deep meaning of life. He is much more interested in finding his daily bread and knowing the fluctuation of euro. In these hard times we’ve talked and written about the main thing is the deep faith in God […]

Paternity is love

Somebody said that there are no perfect parents. I don’t know if I can agree with this statement. They rather can’t be found. I remember the exclamation of the pagan philosopher Libanius who spoke about the education of the children in the Christian families frm the times of saint John Chrysostom: `what good mothers the […]

Luck and bad luck

Monk Moses the Athonite Are there lucky and unlucky men ? Would that be unfair? What is luck? For the Orthodox Church there is no luck. There is no fate, what is written for you, the prescribed destiny of the man. In the whole hagiographic and patristic teaching there is no reference to luck. People think […]

Christianity should not change to the spirit of each epoque

Saint Teophanus the Recluse I cannot agree at all with your opinion…as if Christianity could change its dogmas, canons, holy services answering to the spirit of each epoque and adjusting to the changing tastes of the sons of this age as if it could be possible to add or remove something from it. Christianity must […]

Simplify your life!

The laymen say: Happy are those who live in palaces and have all comforts. But happy are those who could simplify their life and get free from the chains of this worldly progress, of the too many facilities that are rather difficulties and who escaped from the terrible stress of our times. If the man […]

Theotokos, the model of the Christian woman

Eve’s guilt was the spindle of the Christian faith, Jesus mission on earth being to put an end to disobedience to God. If Eve had sinned and then urged Adam to do the same, Theotokos was the first person from the whole history that received and accepted Christ as a Saviour. Theotokos remains the undeniable […]