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Face to face with the Lord in person

At the foundation of each holy life must be a true, constant talk of the soul with God in the vault of the heart, far away of the people, face to face if we could say so with the Lord in person. Then whole importance of the prayer consists in this direct  close and personal […]

The peace of the soul

Who has inside himself the peace of the Holy Spirit pours this peace upon the others and who has inside himself the evil spirit pours evil against the others. Questions: How can a chief keep his peace when his subordinates are disobedient? It is a hard and sad thing for a chief if his men […]

Prayer for strength in trials and patience in troubles

Bishop Macarie Drăgoi Righteous of the Old Testament you became for us bright models by your spiritual beauty and strength in the trials you passed through. You, virtuous Joseph by slavery in flesh after being sold by your brothers guarded your soul free of the vain pleasures and for the acknowledgement of your faithfulness, virtuousness […]

The hard worry of life slowly destroys the man

Consent is the deed of the soul. As the body commits a sin in the same way the soul sins by consent. That is why our Lord says in his holy Gospel: `But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.`[1]. Someone sees […]

The coat given to Christ

One day Peter the publican met such a poor man that he did not have any coat on him. Filling compassion for him Peter took off his beautiful and expensive coat and gave it to the poor. The poor when he remained alone thought he could not wear such an expensive coat and decided to […]

Love him a lot to receive a lot

My beloved brother in Christ I wish you be well! Today I received your letter and I am going to answer to all those you wrote me about. The things you asked me about don`t require time or toil to think about what to answer. For me the mental prayer is like anyone else`s skill […]

Marriage and Cross

Archimandrite Emilianos from Simonopetras Life doesn`t mean partying as some people believe who marry and afterwards they fall from the skies to the earth. The wedding is a waste sea and you don`t know what may appear in your way. You marry the person you chose with fear and emotion, with great care and attention […]

He sees everything

Once upon a time there was a father who had two sons. The kids were good brothers born by the same mother. One was elder and the other one younger. The elder one was an agriculturist and the younger one was a shepherd. The younger one took his flocks through valleys and pastures to graze. […]

False piety

The one who has much faith and piety nourishes himself from something higher, more spiritual which can`t be described. But there are some people who have a false, a hollow piety. The people of this kind say dryly: `Now because I am inside the church I must stay carefully, I must not move, I must […]