The poison he took and didn`t harm him

Once because of the numerous vigils and Holy Liturgies he became very exhausted. A young pharmacist, one of his spiritual sons, offered to prepare a medicine for him for fortifying his body: a wine containing different tonics and also a small dose of arsenic from which to drink every evening a small glass. His family assumed the responsibility to give him the medicine in time.

After two days, one morning, he got up very early to go to serve the Holy Liturgy. Saying the prayers from before the holy service (because immediately after he opened his eyes he began his prayers) from negligence instead of taking the bottle with wine for service he took the one with the medicine. He went to the church, he served the Holy Liturgy with it, he took it all and not happening anything he returned home.

His relatives wanted to give him the medicine. They looked for the bottle, but they didn`t find it. While they were searching eagerly he took the bottle with the pharmacy label out of his pocket.

When they saw it his family began to worry. They asked him if he wasn`t feeling bad.

`Why do you worry?` he asked. `Didn`t the Lord say that even if you drank something deadly it wouldn`t harm you?` And although the medicine was very bitter when he took it the father had the impression that it was very sweet.

Excerpt from Saint Nicholas Planas the protector of the married ones – Nun Marta, Evanghelismos Publishing.

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