One day I will leave…

Priest Alexandru Lungu

I hope to be on wintertime and with smell of mulled wine and cinnamon in the air. I wish to be surrounded only by a few people those with whom I had shared the bright sky but also the summertime storms

I wish to be on the day when I have reconciled with God whom I served so unworthily so many times. I often wonder who keeps who in his palm during the Holy Eucharist?

I wish it to be on the time of carols and with the snow as high as in my childhood. Not for other reason but the smell of the rottenness wouldn`t be that unbearable.

I would like to have been confessed and communed with only a few moments before that, maybe the cry of the robber would be given to me too at the end of my life.

I wish to have soft chanting and peaceful prayers at my head if it is the last holy service where my flesh takes part on earth. The sermon should be short and without any epithets embellishing proudfully the end.

I wish the holy service would be attended by children and young people, but also by old people with the hair white as snow.

On my tomb I wish to have only a few flowers and no wreath, better some bread offered to the poor instead of a waste of plastic and of money thrown on a tomb covered by snow.

It would be nice to occur on Sunday and to have the bell ringing from a valley to another. I wish to have sounds of semantron  and soft cry, as the soul didn`t die, only left for the only true life. I won`t like to have any alcohol and oily food on the table.

Everything should be humble and full of decency. Death is only a bridge and beyond it there is Christ Whom I followed with falls and rises an entire life.

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