Face to face with the Lord in person

At the foundation of each holy life must be a true, constant talk of the soul with God in the vault of the heart, far away of the people, face to face if we could say so with the Lord in person. Then whole importance of the prayer consists in this direct  close and personal relation of the man with God, through which the man finds his entrance near the throne of the Most High One. There is no doubt that we are always and everywhere in the presence of God but Christ Himself showed us that we must withdraw to pray in the solitude of our room and experience shows us the whole benefit of this withdrawal when it becomes a habit.

There, in that sanctuary of ours, far of everything is earthly, human, we will find a spring with living water to quench our spiritual thirst and the flame of faith will be lit up more powerfully; there we will be given wings to fly without danger over the abyss of doubts and sin. Let us seek solitude and in it we shall find our Heavenly father. In the Light of His Face, with the vivid conscience of His Fatherly Love, we will learn how to pray. Although God does not ask from us any long prayers and He does not consider a merit if we say a lot of words, however we must get new powers in the solitude of our room at the beginning of the day when we may be awaited by not a few worries and difficulties. There we will put at His feet everything scares us from the works that awaits us and asking for His blessing for this work, enlightened by His Light, full of His Spirit, armed with the prayer, let us go out to face the trials which expect us

Let us be sure that each time when we appear before God even for a short time, we will receive blessing from above, from the Heavenly Father Who sees in secret and He will reward us into the open.

Excerpt from Every day a gift of God, Sophia.

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