How much importance has even a single minute in this life

How precious is the time of this life! Each minute has a lot of importance because in a minute we can think of so many things good and bad. A thought about God takes us to heaven while a devilish thought makes us fall into hell. See therefore how much importance has a single minute in this life. Unfortunately, we don`t think at all about this and many hours days and years pass in this way without any avail. But do they only pass without any avail? How much damage we suffer and we don`t understand a thing – and I am the first of all – But we`ll understand when our soul comes out of our bodies but it will be too late to correct ourselves. We must be aware of this while we still can make a good start. Let us fully use the precious time of our life

. Blessed is the one who will force himself to make a good start because one day he will become spiritually rich.

It is never late because God waits everyone to wake to give him a work to do. He waits until the 11th hour trying to wake him in any way.

Let us wake and light our torches and wait with watchful eyes and patience the arrival of our Lord to enter together in the Bridal chamber of eternal bliss in the celebration of the bright angels to sing with them the Resurrection songs which lead us from contemplation to contemplation in the divine ascent. Then we will understand what a great work is the struggle in everything and our superior did well when they force us and embittered us. Then the thanks given to God will have no limits. Then we will thank to God in the most appropriate way.

Excerpt from Spiritual counsels– Archimandrite Ephrem Philotheos, Evanghelismos, 2015.

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