The dragon

Priest Ioan Istrati

Many times I thought about how we arrived to the edge of the precipice, how we are so close to extinction? How do the ephemeral leaders of the world threaten reciprocally with its destruction?

Well, cause of welfare, the mentality of consumer, the behavior of predator, humanity fell into a deep schizophrenia without any remedy.

From the moment we imposed perversion as normality, we fanned the flames of hell from within ourselves and the and the brimstone of Sodom.

From the moment when we consciously ignored the billions of people who suffer of hunger, we opened the pantagruelian springs of the dragon from the old times which devours us slowly.

From the moment we legislated the right to crime, killing the holy babies from the wombs turned into abattoirs of death, we unlocked the world for devils, the killers from the creation of the world.

From the moment we imposed sin as a norm, syncretism as a project, aberration as a vector, pride, the mother of demons as dignity, avarice as conservation, delation as a model, oligophrenia as a necessary ingredient for success, we began to go mad as a species and from here comes the stupid justification of the annihilation of the other one, after the model of the all devouring hell.

From the moment we excluded God from the world through irrational passion, we entered the infernal logic of non existence and from here to annihilation.

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