Saint Nicholas Vekimirovich

What to answer when someone tells us that there is no God? When someone is saying repeating it permanently: `There is no God!`

And you feel as if you were lashed by a whip. And you are pained for his soul and life. And that`s good.

If the Almighty God, the Living One does not exist and if He is not more powerful than death, then death is the only ruler. A mouse in the mouth of the cat.

 Once you defied him and told him: `God exists. Only for you He doesn`t.

And you were not wrong. Because those who cut themselves here on earth from the eternal and the life giving Lord, they cut themselves from the True Life.      

And in this way, they won`t taste the greatness of God and of his creation here or in the afterlife.

It would have been better if they were never born than be separated from God. If I had been in your place, I would have told him the following:

`You are wrong, my friend. More correct would have been if you had said `I don`t have a God! ` You are wrong because you speak like a sick man who says that there is no health anywhere. You are wrong because you are like a blind who says that there is no light in the world. But there is light. And it overflows everywhere.

This unhappy man doesn`t see light. And he would speak rightly if he said: `I have eyes and I don`t see the light.` He is wrong because he speaks like a beggar who says: `There is no gold on earth.` But there is gold. On earth and under it. He is the one who doesn`t have gold. Correct would have been to say:

`I don`t have gold.` He is wrong because he is like a villain who says: `There is no kindness in the world.` While he should have said: `I have no kindness in me.` And you should tell him the following:

`Brother, you`re wrong. You are preaching something wrong that there`s no God. Because when you don`t have something and you don`t know that thong, this does not mean that no one has it and this thing is nowhere to be found. Who gave you the right  to speak in the name of the entire mankind? Who gave you the right to say that everybody has your sickness? That everybody suffers from the same deceit like you do? You are crying out that there is no God. You say this to everybody. But you fight against the Truth. Those who don`t want to live with God are a few. But even for them God exists. And He waits for them till their last breath on earth. And only if they don`t take care to repent even in the last moment of their life only then God in the afterlife will cease to exist. And He will erase them from the Book of Life. For this reason tell him: `My friend, I beg you, for the goodness of your soul, for the good heavenly things, for the tears shed by Christ and for the wounds He received for us all, repent! Straighten up yourself and return to our Church!

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