How the Theotokos looked and behaved

Saint Epiphanius says that “the stature of the Virgin Mary was of medium height. The color of her hair was yellowish and very pleasant, and it hung down beneath her head-dress. The color of her face was like a grain of wheat when it is well baked. Her eyes were clear to look at, and no one noticed what color they were, even to this day. Only a small amount of ideas are preserved, as if they were like ripe olives. Her eyebrows were somewhat bushy and very lovely.”

The Virgin Mary had no worldly adornment, like all virgins or worldly women. Her hands were delicate and her fingers appropriately long. Her face was very beautiful and very clean, without wrinkles or lines, and there was nothing to disturb one’s gaze. Her garments were long, her head always covered with a very modest veil, which hung down. Her speech was kind and slow, with much shyness, and no one in her life saw her cry out, or speak loudly and harshly, or quickly. Only then was her voice louder, when she wept with loud cries and sobs under the cross of the calvary of her most sweet and beloved Son on the Hill of Calvary.

Source: Mother of God, protector of Romania – Deacon Gheorghe Băbuț, Pelerinul Român Publishing House via

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