Value the time

It is said that between August 15 (Saint Mary “big”) and September 8 (Saint Mary “little”), people do not grow old, everything is warm and calm, that things settle down and people have only good thoughts and are looking for a new life. It is also said that between August 15 and September 8, the times do not know where to take her, towards summer or towards autumn, that the leaves turn yellow but do not fall yet, then that the birds want to stay, but also to leave, but not yet I know whether to take it north or south. It is also said that the rivers no longer flow and that the sea has no waves, because time itself stands still, as if forever, and waits…

Let us wisely use this beautiful respite that is approaching us, to clear our thoughts, to heal our hearts and minds of dark thoughts and to teach our souls to live as close to God as possible! 

Source: Facebook – Rev. Alexandru Lungu 

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