The easiest way to salvation

The disciple: What is the easiest way to salvation?

The elder: Imagine that our Lord, Jesus Christ walks on earth. With all his evangelic simplicity. By walking by his side will you become better than you are now?

The disciple: I think I would remain the same as before. Without any special gift from God. Many followed Christ but then fell.

The elder: And what does it bring the grace of God more than anything else?

The disciple: I have no idea, father.

The elder: If you endeavor to have the simplicity of the Apostles, if you do not hide your human infirmities and you do not display a fake piety, then you have found the way.

But even though it is easy, many do not find it. This is the shortest way.

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Make every effort to accomplish this task. Once you have learnt this thing, you shall see what changes take place in your soul.

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