The counsels of Saint Mark of Ephes the defender of the Orthodox faith

It is good to be in peace with everyone but to confess when it comes to defend the right faith. Since the peace which is made in a right and pious way is a good gain but when it is made with slyness and evilness is a miserable and harmful thing. Between light and darkness we can say that is a middle way called dawn but between truth and lie there is no middle way no matter how hard would try someone to find it.

  • I am sure that the farther I go from him (the patriarch with Latin spirit), the closer I get to God and the saints. And the more I separate myself of these the more I unite myself with the truth and the Holy Fathers.
  • Nobody is allowed to present another faith than the one settled by the Holy Fathers who reunited in Nikea.
  • I was exiled by the emperor but the word of God and the power of truth cannot be tied, they run and spread more and many of the brothers taking courage from my exile study the transgressors of the Orthodox Faith and of the patristic tradition and chase them away as if they were trash not accepting tlo serve with them not even to mention them as Christians.
  • It is impossible to invoke peace if it is not solved first the issue of the schism and if the pope who proclaimed himself equal to God does not come into his senses.
  • The Catholics are not only schismatic, but also heretical. We did not separate of them from another reason than that they are heretics. That is why we should not unite with them.
  • They do not recognize the voices of the teachers from the West and they do not accept them. We must not be lenient in matters of faith.
  • Run away of them brothers and of the communion with them. Since some of them are false apostles, cunning workers who pretend to be apostles of Christ.
  • It is no wonder because Satan becomes an angel of light too. It is not a big thing if his servants appear as servants of justice, whose end will be in accordance with their deeds. (II Corinthians 11,13-15).
  • All the teachers of the Church, all the Ecumenical Councils, all the Holy Scriptures tell us to avoid these heretics and the communion with them.
  • This is our pride, our faith, our good inheritance left by our Fathers. Together with them we hope to stand before God and receive the absolution of sins.
  • Who mentions the name of the pope as one of an Orthodox archbishop is guilty and who has a Catholic spirit will be judged with the Catholics and will be considered as a transgressor of the Right Faith.
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