The difference between the divine and the demonic light

We compare here again the experience of seeing the uncreated light and the demonic light by the blessed abbess from Crete, mentioned before: When the divine light comes down all the senses gather in one. The fleshly eyes draw off, like a magnet, you see everything, from head to heels you become completely light, you don’t know from where you see…

The sun is like a small rushlight in front of this light. It is of a sky blue color, very thin and whitish…Sometimes it comes serene as the sunset and lingers for a long time in the soul. The red light is from the devil. The devil’s light is disgusting. He likes very much the red light. It is like the lightning and the thunders…it is different. I can’t describe it. It’s not light, it’s a fire. The light of God is abundant. It has no beginning, middle or end…

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