Make every effort to accomplish this task. Once you have learnt this thing, you shall see what changes take place in your soul.

Father Theophanus the Recluse revealed to me a very important truth, because I was unable to understand how to collect my own thoughts, how to cease being distracted and waste my time with all kinds of futile dreams.

One of the prerequisites he mentioned is to feel permanently the presence of God who is so close and sees everything. The problem most often lies within us, who are not permanently with Him and forget that God sees and knows everything and for this reason we dare quite a lot.

 Make every effort to accomplish this task. There is no need of anything special, only a small effort is required, which helps us remember that God is within us, around us and watches us with such a vigilance as if it were someone who looks us in the eye. Only the thought about God should not be like other thoughts about all kind of things, but full of piety and sobriety.

Once you have learnt this thing, you shall see what changes take place in your soul.

Usually our thoughts are turned to what is worldly and very hardly ascend to the skies, they are like the dense mist which covers the valleys. Meanwhile the thoughts do not remain passive, they influence our hearts giving rise to many desires: to obtain or give up, to do good or take revenge, to run of all or to advance, to resign or to fight, etc. This buzzing around is always present in our soul.

That’s from where it rises the anxiety which causes so much harm, taking into account the temptations that appear and bring even more disorder in our lives. Thus it is necessary to make a considerable effort in what regards our inner world so that we could bring joy and peace. These are missing because we don’t have a real hold and all the support comes only from God.

And in order to get used with the idea of the presence of God is recommended to say at least some short prayers like: God have mercy on me, Jesus Christ have mercy on me the sinner…Either you work or rest, you dine or do something else, utter these prayers. Focus your attention on God who shall bring peace to your souls. This exercise may last for a day, two or even for months or years, but do not despair, pray to God and He will help you Himself.

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