The prayer means to free yourself of the multitude of worldly concerns

The prayer means to free yourself of the multitude of worldly concerns. The prayer gives unity to the mind. Instead of being scattered all over the place, because it cannot be satisfied by anything, your mind is completely satisfied by God Who makes it be one with Him. This is prayer. The prayer makes the mind deaf and dumb to all senses. The prayer represents the essential union of the man with God. The prayer is the means which makes the mind cleave to the Lord.

Today I was reading something in order to extract some analogies about prayers. One sentence drew my attention: anything which detaches the mind from the focus on God is something bad. And this thing struck me hard. We have so many things which so often draw us away from the Lord and we regard this as normal, as good. We often talk about entertainment, relaxation and all these kinds of situations which fill the gap caused by our lack of sense. Therefore if anything which drives you away from the awareness of God’s presence is something bad, this means that everything brings you in His presence is good.

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Make every effort to accomplish this task. Once you have learnt this thing, you shall see what changes take place in your soul.

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