You forgot everything at my very first mistake

The last king of a tribe had ten wild dogs. He used them to torture any of his servants who made a mistake or fed the dogs with them.

One of his servants made such a big mistake that the king was terribly upset. For this reason he ordered to have the servants thrown to the dogs.

The servant told him: `I served you for ten years and you reward me in such a way. Please give me ten days before throwing me to the dogs.`

And the king agreed.

IN these ten days the servant talked with the guardian who took care of the dogs and told him he wished he would take care of the dogs himself for the following ten days. The guardian was surprised but he consented and the servant took care of the dogs, fed them, cleaned their place, washed them and did for them all kind of things according to their needs.

When the ten days ended, the king gave the order to throw the servant to the dogs as the punishment was settled. When he was thrown all the people were surprised to see that the dogs were licking the feet of the servant.

The king suprised of what he saw and said : `What happens with my dogs ?`

The servant answered: `I served your dogs for only ten days and they didn`t forget my services. But I served you for ten years and you forgot everything from my first mistake.

The king realized the mistake he had made and gave the order to free that servant.

Source: Teodor Ciurariu

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