The body and soul

Two men were talking. One of them was rich but he was faithless. He was always preoccupied by his and his family`s welfare. His friend asked him:

`Tell me if you had two children but you fed only one punishing the other one with hunger, would that be right?`

`Of course not, the rich man answered.

But if you dressed the same one while the other one endured cold, how would that be?

It would be an injustice of course.

But if you say this is an injustice, why do you do this ?

How? the man revolted. I treat my children in the same way, I show them the same love. Why do you say this?`

`I didn`t refer at your children at other two good brothers you should have taken care of during your lifetime: your soul and body. You are not right with these brothers. You take care only of one neglecting the other one.

You have nice clothes you and your family and are well-fed but don`t you ask yourself what the soul needs? It can`t wear anything else except for the clad of faith you didn`t take care of and it can`t be fed with anything else but with the divine teaching, with love and mercy. Therefore, do not forget about the other brother, for the body and soul are two good inseparable brothers

One can`t live without the other one, take care of both and then you will be indeed happy.

Beware not to be like the sinner who lives only with his body while his soul is dead.

`Nothing is higher than the man of God and nothing lower than the man without God` (Saint Tihon)

Excerpt from The most beatiful Christian Orthodox parables and tales – Leon Magdan, Aramis – Romanian Patriarchy.

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