What it was, it was, what it is, it is. What will be, will be.

It’s raining with paltry words, small talk…The people are not affected by what is happening to them but by what they understand of what it’s happening to them. You never give up on what you never had or on what you had and you still want maybe. We carry the living and the dead within us and give them power. There are persons who understand you at a glance and persons who won’t be able to do it even after thousands of words. The man in his complexity is made of plus and minus, of sun and clouds. We cannot take from the other only what makes us feel comfortable. Love implies everything, otherwise it is not love anymore…

You get down in the inner cellar of your being for bringing to light what you truly are. Are you staggering or falling at the first and slightest waft? Sometimes you are dying a several times in the same moment. There are moments in life when there are no sweet words to comfort your pain. I can only be beside you and cry with you…God doesn’t search you after the place where you are but after the cry of your heart. In the altar of your soul are dispatched the pains. Christ is never disgusted by us. Christ is not the bookkeeper of our life but our friend on the Way.

It is foolish to hate all the roses because you stung yourself in one. Not to believe in love because someone didn’t love you. To give up on your dreams because one didn’t come true. Sometimes it hurts me other times I find it so funny. You will wake up one morning and see the sun for the first time. Patience means to know that grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull it.

You can find what you are looking for only when you give up on seeking it desperately and have peace within yourself. True love catches you all of a sudden. And you have no idea why or what for.  It takes you by surprise. Pure love shows up when you don’t expect it. Love is not programmed. There are no guarantees in anything. Anything may break. Some things can be fixed back, others aren’t. And we change them or give up on them forever. The trash of some, the treasure of someone else. Neither leave them nor hold on them. There is one more day and we’ll see what will be.

There are mistakes that are paid on the outside and mistakes that are paid onn the inside all our life in silence and inner cry. Discreetly. The sky during storm wants to mend us. We are for the others what each one of us is within himself.

I build with love and gather any piece of heart torn or bent by those who didn’t learn to value its meaning.

Even if the hard walls of the souls of those who had built fortresses around themselves are cold love is still needed. Any wall has its crack where grass can grow or you can look through it and see inside. Life makes its way anywhere. It appears even in the stone wall. One day or one evening the shadow will vanish. And the last time will become the first time. Something tailored on the size of your soul is awaiting you.

Is there any duplicate for the key of the heart? Love never forgets…

Good morning sweet feeling!

hieromonk Hrisostom Filipescu

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