Ph degree

Priest Ioan Istrati

There are two kinds of doctors. With Ph.D degree.

Some work hard and search hundreds of sources, depend on the coordinating professor, search libraries, read ancient sources, haunt bookshelves, delve through dust and obtain a wonderful Ph D degree thesis which brings a new vision or a systematization necessary for the approached theme.

The others are people with positions supported from above who didn`t have time to study, they don`t know how to express, they don`t read, they don`t like thorough study. They want only even what the thesis he fluffy tail before the title: doctor. These pay high sums of money to the first ones who make their thesis. They don`t know even what the thesis contains. They don`t know how to present it, how to sustain it or deepen it.

They don`t know anything but for that high position with lots of money is necessary to get a Ph D degree.

That is why the coordinating professor always knows to what category you belong. That is the reason why he is responsible. From the moment one opens his mouth you know if he is a bookish one or a huckster.

I have worked for five years for the thesis. I read hundreds of books for searching the relation and union between time and eternity in the liturgical writings of the Church. I had thousands of sheets of papers with quotes from the Holy Fathers about liturgical temporality. 

After I became a doctor in theology at Sibiu a great potentate from the field who wanted to become a doctor in theology called me. He offered me a huge sum for me at that moment for making his thesis. I was young, a priest attached by church with little money in my pocket, with a small car with only two seats and a hole in its floor, where you could see the road. I laughed I could use brakes through the hole.

I told my mother about that opportunity. She blamed me. She told me: the brain from your dry head was given to you to write about the miracles of God and confess faith, to lead people to Christ, not to prostitute it and sell on money to a nullity who will become a doctor, being stupid and who wil bring delusion and stupidity in Church. Many will get lost.

I asked her: how?

I give you an example : this `doctor` in theology with his relations will become let`s say a professor at university. He will teach in a bad way hundreds of students every year, thousands of students who will become priests, many of them without the necessary knowledge.

Because of you and a second hand car you took. You will be guilty for the perdition of many. Something more, God can make you helpless in any moment if He sees your bright mind is used to promote nullities.

I told her : if it is not me, there will be another one.

Yes, my mother said, but at least you won`t be responsible for the hell of others.

I remained silent. There was nothing more to say.

I called the potentate and refused him politely.

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