Priest Ioan Istrati

We are assisting helplessly at a revolution of misery against true value in the dying humanity.

All values are put on a stump and beheaded by a psychotic and possessed minority.

Let me explain myself

The man

It is not allowed anymore to be a real man. Power, authority, zeal, courage, protection, discovery, all is much offensive. It is in vogue to be an unmanly man brainwashed in the blender of immorality.

The woman

It is not OK anymore to be a woman. The values of feminity became flaws. To be a mother, which is the greatest vocation of the woman it is a risk. Feminity, gentleness, style, elegance, finesse, virginity, shyness are burnt on the pyre of the progressive-minded hell. The manly woman, abortive, frowning, who spits in the street and cries after the right to kill is on fashion.

The child

Ingenuity, the heavenly mood , innocence, purity, flawless beauty, sincerity, humbleness, inquisitiveness, education, common sense are replaced with the forceps of neo Marxism by rudeness, sexual obsession, vulgarity, violence, pornography, hate

The nest of love, spring of birth and communion, the home church, the hidden space of understanding, the topos of self sacrifice and immortality through the others is devilishly bemocked by sexual horrors self killing for eternity

The church

Christ`s Body, the place of all virtues, the people of God, the spring of the Sacraments of immortality, the eternal Liturgy, the Logos flooding over humanity through the Holy Spirit, the place of decency, the pillar and foundation of Truth is deprived of grace and becomes a ritual space of compromise, materialistic diplomacy, social activism and theophonic theatre.

The nation

It is a crime to be a patriot, to cry at the tombs of the ancestors, to commemorate the heroes, to pray to the Saints who complete the national being, it is a must to be universalist, to comply yourself, to borrow stupid sexual consumerist traditions

The school

The nursery of decency, the sacred space of education is violated without cease by ideological trash and miseries, by porno education, by nihilistic aberrations, by violations of the eternal values of humanity .
And we could go on.

It is obvious that anti Christ is coming.

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