A mother`s heart

Priest Visarion Alexa

By Her life, by the pain she suffered for Her Son and also by the pain she suffers for everyone of us, the Holy Mother of God teaches us what means a mother`s heart.

To include in your heart all those around you like a mother it is a must of the spiritual life.

We are told to forgive and love even our enemies, those who wrong us, we are told to forgive those who harm us.

We believe this is a psychological process and often we say: `I forgave but I can`t forget.`

Only when a mother`s heart will beat in you for all those around you, you will be able to forgive.

You won`t be able to understand the mistakes and falls of the people and you won`t stop judging them with your poor loveless human judgment.

The mother doesn`t judge her son or daughter when they fall but suffers pain but her love for her child is always boundless and steady and nothing can destroy it.

No matter how low her child may fall, her mother`s heart will beat just the same. A mother forgives everything to her child.

A mother doesn`t give importance to the deeds of her children she gives importance to the love she has for them and this love is rather one which uses the eyelids instead of the look.

A mother rather closes her eyes than inspecting, she rather forgives, loves and comforts instead of scolding and rebuking.

There is no other way for being nonjudgmental that to regard the man with a mother`s heart.

Thus do not avoid the pains which assault the heart.

Don`t think they are abnormal, don`t think that God punishes a heart and causes it pain, don`t think He hurts a heart which He allows to be pierced by a sword.

This sword only turn a petrified heart in a mother`s heart in which many people will be comprised.

Who doesn`t have a mother`s heart will hardly approach God, he will hardly pray, he will hardly forgive and he will hardly understand what spiritual life means.

May the Holy Mother of God protect you and give you from the power of Her heart!

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