Do not be surprised that the people don`t come to the church

priest Bogdan Chiorean

The Gospel proposed by Christ is anti-managerial: it leaves 99 quiet sheep and runs to comfort one wandering elsewhere, welcomes the prodigal son embracing him and pities the quiet one who remained at home, it says is better to give than to take and gives to the workers who came at the end of the day the same amount of money as to those who bore the heat and burden of the day.

It is absolutely paradoxical: the thought is no lower than the deed, the love of those who don`t like you is an essential standard and the gift you should offer especially to those who have nothing to give you in return.

Nothing from this world

To those who run away from these celestial realities the fall of someone silences temporarily their conscience: they wonder `why going to church anymore?` like descending the stairs from the theatre after an unsuccessful show.

But in order to be able to go to the Church it is necessary to sense something from the relationship Christ proposes to you. How much you succeed to discover shows in fact how much love you have.

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