What are the men of nowadays missing ?

Although nowadays the world is wealthy enough, it’s not hard to notice that something is still missing. What’s missing is something essential. It’s all about love. People don’t love anymore! They don’t understand the meaning of this notion. They love themselves the most. And they don’t even have from where to learn how to love. At home very seldom someone tells and shows them what is love, at school and in the street love is felt even less. It is not shown on tv anymore…

I’m pretty sure that many would contradict me: the parents don’t they love their children, haven’t been love and respect cultivated in the society of nowadays, don’t we watch dozens of soap operas   focusing exactly on love…

The fact that people came to love their own appetencies and tendencies, that they love and even idolize those who are on the same wavelength with them, their children, doesn’t mean that the world understood what true love is.

True love is proven in a different way, in hardships, in need…But so often we don’t have time, we have other concerns, we have our folks to take care of…And even if sometimes we are ready to help someone, we neglect love. Doesn’t Christ tell us that He rather desires mercy than sacrifice?

On one of these days a lady in her thirties came to me and during our talk she confessed that she had finally understood her main problem: she had loved only herself and it’s so nice to be able to love everyone and everything, from God to our neighbor.

To love means to endure, to accept, to understand, to guide…and it means so many other things.

Let’s start by gaining more love.

Our writer Nicolae Dabija expresses it quite nicely saying that if we remove the word “love” from the Bible, there’s nothing left of it, it’s of no use anymore.

Christ as a Man and as a true God always pours his love full of sacrifice. We should aim to reach exactly this kind of Love, since God is Love!

Priest Octavian Mosin

Source: ganduridinierusalim.com

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