In the deepest deprivation

There will come times when even what made you happy or even this small prayer which gave you hope will be no more. And your torn faith, which was when lost, when hurt and weak, but still there in your heart, will not be enough to raise you up.

Then you shall live the most terrible martyrdom, the greatest trial of your life. Shall you endure it to let that One come or shall you put in His place a false god?

Think well, what have you loved? Did you love Him or what He gave you and when you lost all those things, you forgot everything about Him and turned the page in the history of your love?

However love means to persist, to desire and wait for the other one, even when he ceases to be `worthy of love`

Faith and love are built on the deepest deprivation.

`How much I love you, you shall never know…`


Priest Liviu

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