Useful pieces of advice from saint Porphyrios the Kavsokalivite

When the soul is troubled, the mind is darkened and it cannot see clearly. Only when the soul is peaceful, the mind is enlightened and sees clearly the reason for each thing. The soul is very deep and only God knows it.

Why shall we torment ourselves trying to chase away the darkness? If we make a light shine up, darkness will go away by itself. We shall allow Christ to dwell in our soul and the demons will leave by themselves.

When Christ comes inside ourselves, then we experience only the good, the love for the whole world. The evil, the sin, the hate disappear because they cannot, they have no more place where to linger.

Do not care if people love you but only if you love Christ and the people. Only in this way the soul fills itself.

In the soul that is entirely filled by Christ, the devil cannot have any access and shelter, no matter how hard he would try it, because there is no room for him.

Our aim is not to condemn the evil, but to correct it. By condemnation the man may lose himself and by understanding and help he can be saved.

The evil starts from evil thoughts. When you get embittered and annoyed even if it is only in your mind, you ruin the spiritual atmosphere. You impede the Holy Spirit to work and allow the devil to aggravate the evil. You should pray without cease, love and forget, chasing away from you any evil thought.

The man of Christ must love Christ. And when he loves Christ, is freed of devil, hell and death.

Pray without torment, quietly, with faith in God’s love and care.

You should not fight against your children, but the devil who fights against them. You should tell them only a few words and pray a lot.

Prayer does miracles. The mother should not limit herself at the felt caress of her child but she should also try the spiritual caress of the prayer.

The salvation of your child depends on your own sanctification.

Sanctification is not something unattainable, it is rather easy, it is enough if you acquire humility and love.

If you want, you can sanctify yourself even in Omonia.1

Pray the Lord to forgive your sins. And God seeing that you are praying for that with pain and humility, shall forgive your sins and shall give you physical health.

When you pray, you should forget about your physical disease, you should take it as a canon, as a punishment for the forgiveness of your sins. As for the other things do not worry, leave them to God and God knows to do His work.

The diseases take us to the shore if we endure them without any protest, praying God to forgive our sins and glorifying His Name.

The great sadness and vexation do not come from God, they are traps from the devil.

Fill your soul with Christ, with the divine love, with joy. The joy of Christ will heal you.

God takes care even of the smallest details of our lives. He is not indifferent towards us. We are not alone in the world.

God loves us very much, He has us on His mind in every moment and protects us.

We have to understand this and not to be afraid of anything.

Only the grace of God, only our true love that sacrifices itself in secret for the others can save the others and save us as well.

Love requires sacrifices. Let us sacrifice humbly something belonging to us, which in fact belongs to God.

There is happiness in marriage but with one condition: the husbands should have acquired a spiritual fortune, loving Christ and obeying His commandments. In this way they will be able to love each other for true and be happy.

It is rather preferable to fail as a layman than as a monk.

The Orthodox asceticism is not only for the monasteries, but also for the world.

Many say that Christian life is hard and unpleasant. But I say that it is pleasant and easy, only it requires two things: humility and love.

If the grace of God comes, everything and everyone is changed. But for allowing its coming, we should humble ourselves first.

Someone might speak about his sins but be proud and another one might speak about his virtues and be humble.

We should rather be humble, not merely speak about humility. The speaking about humility is a trap of the devil which brings despondency and apathy, while true humility brings hope and the accomplishment of the commandments of Christ.

No one becomes a good Christian living in idleness; a lot of work is required.

What matters the most is to love Christ and all the problems shall be solved.

Nowadays the Holy Spirit wants to enter our souls just as it happened before, but He respects our freedom, He does not want to compel us. He waits for us to open  the door of our soul and then He shall enter our soul and change it. When Christ comes to dwell and reign in our soul completely, then all the problems, all the deceits, all the sorrows shall disappear. Then the sin will be gone as well.

[1]1 Main square in Athens.

Sources: http://agiazoni.gr


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