Beware, parents! A Swedish psychiatrist warns us! What happens with the children who are allowed to do anything they want

Have the permissive parents from Sweden given birth to a generation of monsters? Julie Woods wondered in an article with the same title published in The Telegraph, that discusses the effects of the Scandinavian parenting model. The permissive parental style gives birth to a generation of young adults without any social empathy who after a spoiled childhood end by being disappointed in life, asserts the Swedish psychiatrist David Eberhard,  the father of 6 children. According to him, to say NO to a child is not the same thing with beating him.

Eberhard states : We are living in the age of the uneducated and unrestrained children and the parents prefer not to interfere in the process. Whenever someone tries to act as a parent or criticizes the children for a behavior that is inappropriate for the environment or the opportunity, they become extremely frustrated. Before our society had been a society of adults. There were the same values in what regarded the educational issues. Whenever the child had an unbecoming behavior, anyone could approach him and rebuke him by saying: You do not behave nicely, quit that. There is no more coherence of this kind nowadays.

We, the adults, are no more responsible for each other and much less for our children.

In his new book The Children at Power, the Swedish psychiatrist writes about the liberal education as a method that discards the constraints and punishments and asserts that the parents are guilty because they do not behave as responsible adults.

They consider they have to become the best friends of their children, lower their level and don’t dare to contradict them or set certain limits. The parents don’t decide anything anymore and they aim to be just as cool and rebel as their offspring. Nowadays our society is entirely composed of adolescents.

The psychiatrist says that this style of allowing your child to be your boss failed. As proofs he points toward the collapse of discipline in schools and of the quality of the educational act but also to the dangerous increase of the suicide attempts among teenagers.

Eberhard warns that the social problems are growing in the schools from Sweden where the students normally refuse to follow the instructions given by their teachers and the problems continue in what he calls an unfulfilled adult life. According to him the expectations of the children are too high and life is too tough for them. We see this in the anxiety and mutilation disorders that increased dramatically.

The young people from Sweden tend to be very disappointed in life especially around the age of 20, says Eberhard, who states that although there is noticed a decrease of the suicide acts, there is a huge increase of the suicide attempts, especially among the girls with ages between 15-25.

Source: Eustiu

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