I’ve found Christ, the surgeon cried shedding tears

A stunning miracle took place in a hospital.

A child was brought in the emergency room of a hospital. After the medical tests had been made in a rush, the doctor decided the following, saying it in the same time to the child:

“I’m going to open your heart…”

Then the child interrupted him all at once and said:

“Inside my heart you will find Christ.”

The surgeon looked at him curiously and since he didn’t believe, he raised his eyebrows and said to the child:

“I am going to open your heart to see the damages made to you by the disease.”

“Yes, but when you open it, you’ll find Christ there.”

The doctor glanced curiously at the parents of that child, who stood quietly beside him and then he continued:

“After I would see the damages, I will close your heart and chest and then I will see what I will do.”

“That’s fine”, the child said. “But you will find Christ in my heart.” “The Holy Scripture says that Christ dwells there, inside our hearts.” “And all the church chants say that Christ dwells there, inside our hearts.” “And you will find Him inside my heart.”

Then the surgeon said:

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to find in your heart.” “I’ll find there a damaged heart muscle, a low blood flow and some weakened blood vessels.” “And then I might be able, if I know and have the chance, to cure you.”

“But beside all these you will find Christ, who dwells there.”

The doctor got out annoyed from the consulting room saying: “Poor child!”

As he had decided, he did the surgery. The lesions were severe, just as he had predicted from the consultations he had made. Nothing could be done…After he had finished, he went to his office to write down in his medical records his notes about the surgery: damaged aorta, damaged pulmonary vein, muscle degeneration on wide scale. No hope at all for any transplant. No hope of healing. Treatment: tranquilisers and absolute rest. Prognosis: death will occur in a short time…He left the computer and stood up. Then addressing to Christ, he said:

”Why? ” “Why did you do this?” “You sent him here in this condition”…”You condemned him to die so soon of this disease.” “Why?” “Why?”

Then in the depths of his being he heard a voice answering:

“This child is not destined to live much in your flock.” “This child belongs to My flock and that’s the way it will always be.” “Here in My flock there is no pain.” “You can’t imagine how relieved he will feel.” “One day his parents will meet him here and they will know true peace.” “My flock will continue to grow”…

Tears were falling from the surgeon’s eyes. But his feelings against God, full of selfishness, revolted inside himself, saying: “You created him, you made his heart that is condemned to die in a few months.” “Why?”

Then a voice from within answered: “The child must return to My flock, because he has fulfilled his mission.” “I didn’t create the child on earth in order to lose him, but to find another lost sheep.”

The doctor understood that the child hadn’t come there aimlessly, he had come purposefully for him. He received a Christian lesson himself. Memories were whirling in his mind. Because of his many professional achievements, his soul had become his last concern.

He entered the child’s ward and sat down beside him on the bed. There were his parents too.

The child woke up and whispered:

“Did you open my heart?”

“Yes!” the doctor answered visibly touched.

“And what did you find?” the child asked.

“I found Christ”, the doctor answered and started to cry, the way he used to cry when he was himself a child, fifty years ago. Since then the child and the doctor have become the best of friends.

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