We live in an apparently `free` world…

Priest Alexandru Lungu

Everyone decides for himself what he thinks it is useful for him. We can choose to belong to a religious cult or not, regardless of its nature, Christian or non Christian. The Church by the voice of its servants and by the sound of the bell on every Sunday and holy day announce us when in the liturgical space they officiate in a special particular way all the Holy Sacraments which include as their core the Holy and Divine Liturgy, calling us to fill ourselves of the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

On this Sunday at the initiative of some nongovernmental organizations in the capital of Moldavia it will take place a march of the freedom of the sexual orientation. Thus on the streets of a city which is mainly Christian in its structure a number of tens or hundreds of persons who will shout in the center of the city that love has no barriers or moral limits, will walk freely, according to the freedom of expression provided by the Romanian state and by the Constitution of Romania

The Church doesn`t react in any other way but in its characteristic spirit peaceful and full of good manners calling the members of its family to dedicate their time to prayer attending the Holy Liturgy and embracing in its prayer all the people regardless of the spiritual state they have and especially some who are in error.

Young and old from the first prayers of the morning but especially when in the churches i twill be given the greatest blessing for the Holy and Divine Liturgy all the Christian should gather and form a wall of prayers. We are not called to bring in this world war or starts revolts.

We know very well that Christ was called on numerous occasions in the moments of ardour by the apostles and by those who followed Him out of a worldly interest wanting to put Him king in Jerusalem and He reacted firmly and stated unequivocally the fact that the Kingdom of God is not from this world.

Without offending and constraining freedoms unfortunately falsely misunderstood by some of our brothers, but with the hope of the return of the lost sheep, of the prodigal son to the initial state, I urge you to gather together especially in such moments in a spirit of prayer in the space of the parish churches, of the monasteries and cathedrals of the big cities where we live. Let us remember the words of the Holy Scripture so true and clear even after 2000 years:

Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live? (Ezekiel 18, 21-23)?

God doesn`t want the death of the sinner but his salvation !

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