Do you wear all the time this shirt?

Talking about the holy matters a man told a monk :

`Father, I believe in God but I don`t go much to the Church. I haven`t gone to the holy services or confession for a long time and I don`t think it is necessary to go. It is enough to believe in God

`My son, you have a very beautiful shirt.

The man surprised didn`t know what to say but the monk continued:

`Tell me, do you wear all day long this shirt ?`

`Yes`, said the man.

`But do you wear it as it is for two days?`


`But do you wear it for a week or a month as it is?`

`No, father, of course not.`

– S-ar putea.

`Why ? asked the monk as if he didn`t understand.

`Because it gets dirty and it must be washed. After that I wear it again when it is clean and beautiful.`

`So you see my son. As your shirt gets dirty and must be washed for being worn again it is soiled the soul by sins and wickedness and how could you clean it if not by going to confession and the holy services, by the Love and Grace of God?

`Go inside the church and repent! Here it is no judgment; it is given the absolution of your sins.

 (Saint John Chrysostom)

Excerpt from The most beautiful Christian Orthodox parables and stories – Leon Magdan, Aramis Publishing House – Romanian Patriarchy, 1998.

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