A good teacher

A passer-by meets an old man and asks him :

`Do you remember me?`

`No`, the old man answered.

`I was your student.`

`And what do you do now in your daily life?`

`I became a teacher myself` the young man said.

`Oh, like me.`

`In fact I became a teacher because you inspired me to be like you.`

`In what moment of your life did you decide to become a teacher ?`

Then the young man related him the following happening:

`One day one of my friends, a mate came with a new watch a very nice one and I decided to steal it and took it from his pocket.`

My friend noticed its absence and complained immediately to the teacher who were you. You came in the classroom saying:

`The watch of this pupil was stolen during the class from today. Whoever took it should return it immediately.`

I did not return it.

Then you closed the door and told us to stand up with our arms up and our eyes closed.

We closed our eyes and you searched in our pockets. Of course you found the watch at me and took it. But you continued to check all the other students and when you finished you said: `Open up your eyes. We have the watch.`

You have never reproached anything to me and never mentioned that episode. Nobody knew who stole that watch.

ON that day you saved my dignity for ever.

It was the most shameful day of all my life.

But from that day on I decided not to steal anymore. Due to you I understood what a true teacher must do.

Do you remember this episode?

I remember this situation, the stolen watch I sought at everyone but I don`t remember you as I had my eyes closed as well while searching and he added: if in order to correct and educate you must humiliate then it means you are not a good teacher.`

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