God disappears

Priest Constantin Sturzu

God respects us too much for keeping us tied to Him by a sick attachment, by our interested or purchased love, no matter how.

He doesn`t want to seek His presence only because He fed us with bread and we appeased our hunger (according to John 6, 26) or because we were ill and we are healed.

He overwhelms us with many gifts but afterwards He gives us our freedom, He frees us, He somehow disappears from our life.

This is the sign that He appreciate us as persons, as equal partners of dialogue, as beings who have the right to offer (or not) their love to others.

Ne copleşeşte cu multe daruri, dar, după aceea, ne redă libertatea, ne „slobozeşte”, „dispare” cumva din viaţa noastră.

He does`t give signs of estrangement because He doesn`t love us anymore, He leaves just because He loves us too much and He doesn`t want to suffocate us..

He offers us that maneuvering space where we can make choices in a complete freedom and not under the influence of a gift, no matter which one that would be.

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