Life has taste

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

Life has taste. The man who can`t appreciate correctly the tastes can`t understand another one.

For example, there are thousands of fruits, of vegetables, everyone with its taste, smell and consistency; thousands of wines, of different drinks. It is not possible to like all of them. But the reason why we don`t like something may be exactly the reason why someone else likes that or the opposite.

From here I understood how different we are and that God thought about everyone of us so that nobody would remain without anything on his taste.

But am I going to say that a fruit, a spice, a wine is not good because I don`t like it? Of course not. The men with a wide range of tastes are happier and more inclined to offer joys to the others.

The fasting and praying elders with whom I ate for so many times marveled every time at the taste of the dishes and in this joy which they had when noticing the good tastes was something humble and soul uplifting, there was glorification and thankfulness in their wonder, that thankfulness Saint Paul the Apostle spoke about.

They say that even Saint Arsenios, who was great among the hermits, at the ripening of the fruits asked for one to taste once every year, to marvel at the taste created by God, glorifying Him.

You rejoice too, but rejoice more when you make joys to the others!

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