Repentance is an important matter, but it is only the beginning of the healing of the human soul.

As there are many kinds of sins which defile the soul and many efforts and a lot of time are required to be cleansed all of them and to allow the soul breathe again healthy, without the consequences of the sin.

There are sins which stay like fine dust on the skin of the soul. By a small brush the dust disappears and the soul is purified in an instant.

There are other sins which defile the soul like wine. A mere wiping is not enough. But with some water the surface is well washed.

Other sins stain like oil. In this case neither brushing nor washing with water help. It is needed a lot of soap to clean thoroughly the surface.

Other sins are like ink. The soap is not enough. Spirit is needed.

There are some other sons which are like some tattoos. In order to have the skin cleaned it is required a painful surgery.

But for each stain of the soul the beginning of the cleansing is made through repentance. The more sincere is the repentance, the more efficient will be the cleansing method chosen by God to apply to our soul…

Excerpt from This is what you can – Small urban patericon – Vasilis Argiriadis, Egumenița.

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