God is with me!

Priest Visarion Alexa

If our main preoccupation would be our union with God, nothing from what is to happen would crush us and throw us into despair; nothing could take our joy of life. Moreover, we`ll begin to mean something and be a joy for those around us.

My grandfather, may God rest him in peace, was a man like this. People always came to him to ask for his help and he received all of them and gave them rest.

It was my grandfather who I heard for the first time praying to God as if He had been there.

I have never heard such a powerful prayer.

Listening to him I had the impression that God would enter on the door of his room in any moment. I think from this he had such a great inner peace.

Nothing scared him; he was not afraid of anything or worried about anything. He had only one thought: `God is with me!`

If you step on the Path of God and want to know Christ, the One you want to follow, try first of all to know His life by reading the Gospel daily.

By knowing His life, you will see how far you are, you will find it in yourself, you will discover your passions and start your fight with them. You will go in the arena

In the Church you find your healing. Important is to want that, to accept your fight, to declare war every day, to you, not to the others. All the saints had an extraordinary outward peace but in their soul there was a total struggle, they fought a declared war against their wickedness and passions.

They had no fight with anyone else, nothing took their peace.

The sin is nothing else but the perverted way of thinking of our mind, the mean way of living of our soul.

The sin is our helplessness to turn our fight with the others into a personal fight, our helplessness to turn our despise and disgust we have for the people around us (most often of our own beloved) into a fight with our own self.

It would be wonderful to be restful for the others, to find us already tired of the war we fought against ourselves, not being able anymore to fight with them, with the flaws we notice in their behaviour.

We are focused on ourselves, on our benefits, not on assuming our wickedness and on our change and this thing makes us live in anxiety and depression every day waiting for a change.

Any other change, but not our own inner personal one.

Each one of us has a mission on earth and when God calls you and shows you what to do and you say `No, I am concerned of what others do!` for sure you will be swallowed by the whale of sadness and loneliness like Jonah.

You have no peace on earth, you don`t understand anything anymore from your life, you don`t like anymore your own family, your house, your city, your country, your planet…and this is how you spend every day taking revenge on the others for your own unhappiness. Dear man, wherever you go, whatever you change around, you will still find yourself there and you will live in sadness till you realize that you have to change yourself and only in this way slowly the world around you will ch

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