Christ and the Holy Mother of God don’t punish, they love…

We often hear someone saying:” I did this bad thing and the Holy Mother of God punished me.” Another one says: “I did this bad thing and Christ punished me or the saint punished me.”

How wrong we are, my sons! How big is this mistake!

The Holy Mother of God, Christ and the saints don’t punish anybody.

I tell you the truth, that’s the way it is. Why? Because they cannot punish anyone, my sons.

Their work is full of pure love. And love can do no harm. Why? Because it simply cannot do it. If it harmed, then it wasn’t love. Because it is pure love it cannot do any harm.

What happens when we commit a wrongdoing and we experience an unpleasant incident which we understand as being a punishment from Christ and His Holy Mother?

Have you heard the expression “this one was taken up by the devil?” Something similar happens in this case as well. As long as we are in harmony with the love of our Lord, we have this love as our shield and the evil one cannot tempt us. He cannot do us any harm except for a few barks from time to time. And sometimes even these barks are just illusions of our minds and have no connection with the evil one.

But when we commit a serious sin – especially when this sin has destructive consequences for our neighbor – or we blaspheme God and the Holy Mother of God, then we lose the harmony of Christ’s love, the shield which protects us falls from our hands and remaining without protection we become prey in the hands of the evil one, who grabs us gladly to destroy us, thing which pleases him a lot. And instead of understanding what is happening and instead of running  tearfully to mend what we can mend and find again our protection in the love of our Lord we say that we were punished by the Holy Mother of God or by Christ. And the evil one makes such a great fun of all this.

No, my sons, Christ and His Holy Mother and the saints of God don’t punish, they love…And they grieve when they see us suffering. We open the gate and get out of the divine protection.

By confession, sincere repentance and the priest’s blessing we can be again in harmony with the love of our Lord. And be protected…

May our Good Lord and the Holy Mother of God protect you of all evil!

Father John

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