Only in this way He will be able to hold us in His arms for ever

Did you see what a child does when he falls down ?

He cries. Then he quickly raised his hands to the sky so that his father may help him stand back on his feet on the path.

It happens the same when he is small and he is hungry. He just cries out. He doesn`t even know what to ask for and his father feeds him.

If he is cold he cries again. Although there is no specific cry for coldness his father understands his needs and dresses him up.

No sane parent demands from his offspring to do good things to receive food or any other form of care.

Of course when the child understands the love invested in the relationship father-son he will choose the deeds which show respect for this feeling.

If our good deeds don`t have at their base the faith that Go dis our Father they are wicked deeds and we are not real sons, only servants who work for rewards.

Before Go we must remain children. Only in this way He will be able to hold us in His arms for ever.

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