It is a very good thing to submit yourself to the will of God

It is a very good thing to submit yourself to the will of God. Then only God is found in the soul and no other thoughts and he prays to God with pure mind and feels God`s love even if he suffered physically.

When the soul submitted completely to the will of God, God in person begins to guide him and the soul is taught directly by God while before he had been taught by teachers and Scriptures. But very rarely it happens to have God in person through the grace of the Holy Spirit as the teacher of the soul and only a few know this, only those who live in accordance with the will of God.

The proud man doesn`t want to live in accordance with the will of God ; he likes to guide himself and he doesn`t understand that the man has not enough mind to guide himself without God. When I was living in the world and I did not know God and His Holy Spirit, I did not know how much God loves us and I trusted only my own mind. But when I came to know our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God through the Holy Spirit, then my soul submitted to God and since then I receive all the sorrows coming over me and I say: `God sees me, why would I be afraid?` But before I could not live this way.

For the one who submitted himself to the will of God life is much easier because even when he faces sickness, poverty or persecution he thinks this way: `This is what God liked and I have to endure this for my sins.`

Excerpt from Between the hell of despair and the hell of humbleness – Pious Silouan the Athonite.

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