The robber and the glass of wine

They say about abba Paphnutius that he doesn`t drink wine. But once traveling met a band of robbers and they were drinking wine. The chief of the robbers knew him and knew that he did not drink wine.

Seeing him tired filled a glass of wine and taking his sword in his hand said to the elder:

`If you don`t drink, I`ll kill you.`

The elder knowing that he fulfilled one of  God`s commandments and wanting to win him took the glass and drank.

The chief of the robbers apologized and said:

`Forgive me, abba that I upset you.

The elder said:

`I think for this glass God will show you mercy both in this life and in the afterlife.`

The chief of the robbers said:

`I trust God I won`t harm anyone anymore.`

And the elder won all the band renouncing at his will for God.

Excerpt from the Egyptian Patericon – Abba Paphnutius.

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