Prayer of repentance of Pious Silouan the Athonite

God, Have mercy of me, your fallen creature.

God, Have mercy of me and give me the spirit of humbleness and love.

I am yearning for You, God and I am looking for you in tears; how not to look for You?

You gave me to know You in the Holy Spirit and this knowledge of God draws my soul to look for you in tears.

My soul is in a great affliction: I disgusted God.

Where are you Lord?

Where are You, my Light ?

Since You hid Your face from me and my soul doesn`t see you for a long time and is yearning after You and is looking for You in tears.

Where is my Lord?

Why don`t I see Him in my soul?

What stops Him revive in my soul?

But in me there`s nothing from His humbleness and love for enemies.

God, Have mercy of me, your fallen creature.


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