When the evil comes to attack you

You won`t become saints punishing evil. Leave it alone. Look at Christ and He will save you. Instead of standing at the door outside chasing the enemy, ignore him.

If the evil comes this way dedicate gently your being to another direction.

When the evil comes to attack you, put your inner power in the service of goodness and of Christ. Pray to Him: Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!` He knows how to have mercy on you.

When goodness fills up your being, then you won`t turn at all to the evil.

Struggle alone by the grace of the Holy Spirit to become good. Then where to find a place in you the evil? It will go away.

In Christ everything is possible…If you give Him your heart, there will be no room left in you for other things.

Pious Porphyrios from Kavsokalivia

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