The pastry which opens the skies

Priest Ioan Istrati

Today I was going out from the hospital from my mother and on the corner there is a pastry shop where they make some delicious hot pastry sticks. I also took a big coffee with almond milk. I sat on a parapet and I enjoyed the goodies.

An old woman with a walking frame shows up walking at a slow pace

The noise made by the walking frame is almost peaceful, like the beat of a heart.

When she arrives before me I stand up and offer her some pastry sticks. She is glad like a child. She sits on the parapet. She is crunching happily.

`Don`t you want a coffee too?` I said

`Dear I have no money for delicacies. The coffee is very expensive. I drink water.

I am shaken. I insist. I give her the coffee.

`No, my son, it has milk and today is the holy Friday.`

`No, mother, it has almond milk.

`It is not cow milk?`


She is drinking slowly enjoying the moment.

When I was coming I said to myself: `what a handsome boy, he may be a priest and he sits here on the sidewalk.`

`I am a priest indeed, mother.`

She took my hand and kissed it.

`Thank you, my son. I have four children. But they are abroad. I see them only at a few years. I have a good retiring pension, of about 7 millions. It is enough for me if I take care. My husband died four years ago. I made all his commemoration services.

I looked at the old woman. There is so much common sense and decency and peace and tenderness in her, nothing ostentatious, harsh or hysterical, only the peace coming out of her faith.

`Thank you, son, for the delicious lunch.`

How much beauty surrounds us if we look lovingly at the universe…

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