The lie

Priest Ioan Istrati

If we could compress in one word the essence of the world we live in, that would be the lie.

The lie is skillfully served to us from our birth. It is promised to us an endless childhood, a youth without any old age, an eternal love, welfare, future, success.

The world perverts us gradually, the holy light from the eyes of a child vanishes, the shyness of an infant disappears, the breeze of joy turns into a beastly pleasure.

Illusion is served to us everywhere: that we will be happy, fulfilled. Everything is material brings dissatisfaction, takes us away from the spring, builds a wall in our souls between us and our heavenly Father.

99% from the statements from press are lies or stupidities. The TV set is a filthy box of illusions.

The Internet, besides some libraries, is full of squalor served on bread. We are promised everything: that we will get slim, that our hair will grow on our baldness that we will earn a lot and we will become young, beautiful and immortal…

It is a huge avalanche of lies, delations, perverse obsessions, blowing in the wind and hunt after the neighbor, masked murder, immense selfishness, killing of ideals. The men hide their pains grinning feeding themselves with the pain of the others or anesthetizing suffering forgetting.

The church of God is the only one which offers us the Truth which died and revived for us. It is the only refuge in front of the grotesque roar of death snorting over the world. The whole earth is a gigantic graveyard of people, ideas and wishes, the sarcophagus which swallows us all voraciously.

In this decay of pain, an empty tomb from which the Man God resurrected teaches us that in an ocean of death we are immortal uniting ourselves with the Resurrected Christ.

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