The mirror of the noble lady

Long time ago in the times when the people didn`t have mirrors, there was a servant at a mansion and a lady from that house lost a mirror.

The servant was walking in the garden and he found the mirror of the lady.

`What could be this?` he said looking at himself in the mirror.

He began to laugh :

`It`s my father !`

Then he kept the mirror with great care to look at his father again. He put it under the pillow at home.

In this time his wife like any other wife figured out he hid something and there was something  suspect.

So after he left his home his wife found the mirror under the pillow and started to cry and say :

`He cheated me with someone else.`

There was an old priest with grey hair who comforted everyone and reconciled them and offered them understanding and spoke with all the people from that place. The woman went quickly to her spiritual father and said:

`Father, it is terrible, terrible!`

She burst into tears.

The old man asked:

`What is it?`

And the woman said:

`He cheats me, he cheats me!`

`Don`t say such things, I know him so well, he is not like that, please don`t say something like this!

`Well, if you don`t believe me, take a look here!`

And she showed him the mirror.

The old man started to laugh.

He said:

`My dear, don`t you see ? This is Saint Nicholas!`

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