Story about the instance when the light was turned off

One day  three Christians met in a library. Impressed by the beauty of the books they read they didn`t notice when it got dark. When only they remained left in the library they began to discuss about what they had read over the day. All of a sudden the light was turned off and they remained in the dark. One of them said:

`Let us pray. Let us say `The Lord`s Prayer` and maybe God will listen that one who will pray nicer and the light will be turned on again.

The two others immediately agreed. The first began to pray. His prayer was so nicely uttered, but the room continued to remain in the dark.

Then the second one prayed. His prayer it was impossible not to impress you. The words were coming out from the soul uttered with great piety but the light continued to remain turned off.

In the end the third one started to say his prayer. But when he began to say his words humbly, calmly and carefully, he got up from the table where they were, he went slowly groping about to the entrance found the  electric panel, changed the electric fuse and turned back and while he was ending his prayer by saying: Amen! the entire room was flooded by light.

Approaching his surprised friends he told them showing them the Bible from the table:

`Earlier I was reading from the Holy Scripture. When the light was turned off I was at the verse which says: `Salvation and prayer don`t consist in words.`

Excerpt from The most beautiful Christian Orthodox parables and stories – Leon Magdan, Aramis – Romanian Patriarchy.

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