The story with the peach box

A professor gave each student as a homework for the next week to take a cardboard box and for every person who upsets him, whom he can`t bear, forgive, to put a peach in the box and stick a label with the name of that person.

For an entire week the students had to carry the box everywhere: in the house, in the car, at courses, even at night to put it near their bed. The students were amused of this lesson in the beginning and everyone wrote  numerous names remaining in the memory even since childhood.

Then slowly, as the days went by, the students added names of the people they met and considered they had an unforgiveable behaviour

Everyone noticed that the box became heavier.

The peaches put inside the box at the beginning of the week started to decay turning into a sticky paste with a disgusting smell and the decay was spreading quickly to the others.

A difficult problem was also the fact that everyone had to carry it permanently and take care of it; they should not forget it in stores, in the bus, at a restaurant, at meetings, at the table, in the bathroom, especially because the name and address of each student and the subject of the experiment were written on the box. The cardboard of the box was deteriorated and the box looked deplorably. It became very difficult to hold the peaches anymore Everyone understood very quickly and clearly the lesson the professor tried to explain to them when they met again after a week namely that the box they had carried with them for a whole week was only the expression of the spiritual load we carry within ourselves when we pile up inside hate, envy, coldness towards other persons. Many times we think that to forgive is a favour we make to that person. In reality this is the greatest favor we can make to ourselves.

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