The look

Priest Visarion Alexa

To see is not only a physical ability, it is also a divine power we have within ourselves and which makes us the universal beings who can comprise in their hearts all the beings from earth and beyond it.

Saint Silouan contemplated hell with his heart quite often. And he cried for all the people who didn`t wake up in time and who are far away from God.

Our selfishness darkens us, transforms us in some small hells which crash with each other and don`t have anymore the universal possibility to comprise in their hearts the suffering of the whole world.

The reality of our life does not take place only outwards but also inwards and I think this everyone of us can say.

Our look can influence, contaminate even disturb, or bring peace, may bring a certain state to the beings around us.

The look has a power and may get expressions of our soul.

You may look with love, hate, envy, anger as it is your soul. From here it comes the word: `The eyes are the mirror of the soul.`

The Saviour says describing our souls : `they have eyes but can`t see, they have ears, but they can`t hear.` Or another time: `Leave the dead to bury their dead.`

It is a sign that death can cover your eyes, your ears, although you live, although you see, you hear, you breathe, death can cover your soul

The awakening Christ talks to us about means to see with your physical eyes beyond appearance, beyond the first sight.

We wake up in the morning and live every day on the run. We are in a haste, we struggle frowning, contorted. We become until night a rope with many tight knots.

It is not a bad thing, there is a meaning in everything, this is our daily life, but it is bad when in this continuous strain we lose the essential and we don`t realize not for a single moment where we are wrong.

If all these psychological states from our depths became spiritual states and if this know we become had God within it then our life would become meaningful.

Your cry wouldn`t be a cry of self pity, of despair and helplessness, your daily pain would get a creative, universal meaning, which could make you feel and live the others who are near you.

Do you realize? All of a sudden your eyes, your heart, your mind open and you understand that neither sickness, nor sins or suffering or death may separate you of God and eternity.

Do you understand how it is not to doubt for a moment, not to be afraid of anything? And not from books, not from school years, not from explanations and proofs simply from a mere look.

Control your anger man, stop your sadness and all your destructive tendencies, stop from your run after wind, stop for a while and understand that maybe God wants to tell you something.

Stay, open your eyes and listen your inner self!

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